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Ardent Insurance has partnered with StickmanCyber to provide end to end cybersecurity services to its clients.

Cybersecurity breaches always result in financial loss and reputational damage. Strengthen your defences and protect your business against cyber threats.

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Why Cybersecurity?

Cyberattacks and data breaches are on the rise, if successful, they can severely cripple a business's operations leading to financial, reputational and legal repercussions.

Cybersecurity protects networks, devices, and data from unauthorised access and ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

The dangers include malware erasing your entire system, an attacker breaking into your system to alter or steal files, an attacker using your computer to attack others, or an attacker stealing your credit card information and making unauthorised purchases. A strong cybersecurity program can help minimise the chances of falling prey to cyber-attacks.

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Benefits of engaging with expert cyber security consultants

Certified & Experienced

Engage with a team that has extensive expertise in the industry. Our cyber security consultants are qualified to deliver to the required standards: we are ISO 27001 certified, a PCI DSS Qualified Security Assessment Company and are CREST ANZ Certified.

Strong Focus

StickmanCyber has a successful history of working with a wide range of customers and industry verticals. However, we specialise in dealing with companies ranging from the start-up to 1,000 headcounts and 1,000 to 5,000 headcount.

Wide Range Of Services

Cybersecurity services to meet your every requirement. From penetration testing, training, awareness programs and incident response to a complete virtual cybersecurity office. We can help you build a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

Proactive Cybersecurity

Our approach at StickmanCyber is all about proactive security. The goal is to get your cybersecurity maturity to a place where you can DETECT, PREVENT, and PROTECT against cyber threats, rather than just reacting to them.

Cybersecurity By Design

Cybersecurity by design is embedded in our methodology. We ensure that organisations are prepared and have the right systems and technology in place to respond quickly, recover and continue business operations much sooner at a reduced cost, post a cyber attack.

Verified Staff

Our cyber security consultants are qualified, certified and experienced across APAC. All our staff undergo psychometric testing and full background verification which includes education, identity, reference, and criminal court verification.